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About TexTpressIt

TexTpressIt is a woman owned, small business located in Colorado. Established in April 2011, a series of events lead up to the idea of the automated email and SMS text messaging App. There are some out there who have tried, seldom in the iPhone area of interest and there are enough reminder applications to make us all go crazy! TexTpressIt is all about automation. We want to take advantage of those tedious thought processes and create Apps that really help users be more productive and give them an edge. The idea was thought of while driving in a friends vehicle and discussions that took place on how many important events had been missed. We have all done it, but with this App, never again! This was not just the reminder of the event occuring, but the personilization and consideration to contact that individual(s) on special occasions and let people know they were being thought of. Most importantly, a personalized message that didn't appear to come from a machine, but from YOU! Some of the events considered to be native to our App, included Birthday's, Anniversaries, Mother's Day and more! We have built a custom calendar to help automate the process even more. There is a significant portion of the TexTpressIt SMS App that is not highly visible at a first glance. The capability of full customization for any type of event, any type of message, at any time, really opens up the potential for what the App can do.

We have some pretty big plans here at TexTpressIt and look forward to hearing from our potential customers. TexTpressIt SMS for AnDroid is on its way with our second phase for iPhone along with some future plans that will enhance existing user capability.

Automatic Event Messaging using SMS & Email

Excuses no more! This powerful iPhone, iTouch and iPad App allows you to schedule and send hundreds of events via e-mail and/or SMS. Create an event by selecting the recipient, city, occasion, mode of delivery, and a personalized message -- that will be automatically delivered on the user-defined scheduled date, time and frequency!


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