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Updated: Jan 26, 2012

TexTpressIt VERSION 2.0!

  • Automatically add/update and syncronize events to calendar
  • Voice recording and attach to message
  • Video record/select and attach to message
  • Picture select and attach to message
  • Multi-Media Messaging (MMS) enabled automatically
  • MMS sends in both email and SMS sending modes
  • Delete each history record
  • Search function for Contact List
  • Select Email Address and/OR phone #
  • Countdown of Recurring Messages
  • Expanding the "To:" field to see all selected contacts
  • Email subject line - set by user
  • Edit recurring messages - bug fix
  • Duplicate/Copy/Quick add Events
  • Buy Button pop-up when balance remaining = 0
  • Row tap highlight

TexTpressIt is currently available for:

Android: Coming Soon!

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2.0 Released!:
3.0 TexTpressIt - Phase three: Commercial viability, $ and more.

2-Other Apps in work- Initial design phase

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Updated: May 31st 2012

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