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Q: What does SMS stand for?
A: Short Messaging Service - enables cellualr phone users to send and receive text messages

Q: What are SMS Credits within TexTpressIt?
A: CREDITS NO MORE! With version 2.0 the app will no longer require credits to send text messages. Now you can send multi-media, pictures, video, voice and more!

Q: What is SMS Mode in the TexTpressIt App?
A: SMS Mode is the terminology used when sending a message by SMS text messaging service.

Q: Why do you charge to send Text Messages (SMS MODE) ?
A: 2.0 IT IS FREE!

Q: Will Text Messaging ever be free?
A: YES, YES and yes.

Q: Why can't you just use the native SMS feature on my iPhone?
A: Put simply, Apple does not allow it. There are restrictions enforced by Apple and it is against their development guidelines to utilize the phone's internal SMS interface. Having to find an alternative for those important messages has opened up some other special features and benefits. By utilizing TexTpressit's method of sending messages, you are able to send SMS Text and Email Messages on any apple device: iTouch, iPad or iPhone. Your phone does not require to run the app or any type of script to send the messages. Therefore, your phone can be powered off and sycronization between devices (Cloud) can occur. This helps ensure your messaging are safe and sent, worry FREE.

Q: Why can't I send "SMS" text messages internationally?
A: Currently, we only support text messaging service to USA mobile numbers. You can live anywhere in the world and send text messages to ANY USA mobile phone number but cannot send text messages to international mobile numbers.

Q: Does email messaging cost anything?
A: Email "MODE" messaging is unlimited and always free. There are no restrictions in sending email messages around the world. It only requires the recipient to have a valid email address. Even without SMS mode function, the app is very useful.

Q: Can I set the email subject line?
A: Yes

Q: Is SMS Mode limited to 160 character count?
A: Yes, you are currently restricted by 160 characters. When you add any media or send the message by email, the 160 character restriction is lifted and you are free to type as many characters as you want.

Q: Does sending by Email mode or MMS have a character limit?
A: No, unlimited characters. When you attach media, the app detects the message mode is a multi-media message and there is no character limit, even with text messaging.

Q: Why does the text message (for a recipient) show it is from an email address sometimes?
A: This is actually a special method that TexTpressIt uses to allow seamless integration of the iMessage capability. Since we span over more than just mobile phones, devices with iMessaging (like iPad's) use an email address to accept messages. If a recipient has you added in their address book, there will be no difference to the recipient. Once the recipient replies to the message and you have your iMessage set up correctly, replies will come directly to you via: iMessage (Requires iOS 5). Otherwise, the text replies will go to your email inbox.

Q: How do I make sure iMessage is set up correctly?
A: On your device, go to Settings, Messages, then locate the "Receive At" field. From there you can add your email address which will ensure seamless integration of iMessage by using our app. Make sure whatever email address you used to register with our app, you are using for iMessage to ensure full access to the features and capabilities of the App. We are looking into methods to automate this, but iMessage is fairly new, so we have to do some additional research.

Q: Do you have to have the TexTpressIt app installed to receive messages?
A: No, there is no requirement to download the app in order to receive messages.

Q: How do I delete an event?
A: Locate the event on the "EVENTS" main page and slide your figure from left to right and the "delete" option will become available.

Q: Can I send to multiple contacts?
A: Yes you can. In order to send to groups or multiple contacts for email and text messages!

Q: How do I know if my message sent?
A: First, look at your history tab to see if the message was successfully sent indicated by a green or red icon. Ensure that during the initial set up, the event was created AT MINIMUM, 5 minutes in the future and in the appropriate time zone location. Often times messages are not sent because either the recipient's email or phone number is invalid or the event was created within a timezone in which that "time" had already passed.

Q: Does the App consider Day-Light-Savings?
A: This has been addressed and fixed in 2.0 - Yes, daylight savings has been taken into account.