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Never miss greeting your loved ones on those special occasions – don’t just express it… TextPressIt!

UPDATE: August 14th: Submitted TexTpressIt 2.0 to Apple . . . Tic Tok... Finally.
UPDATE: May 7th: Almost done with TexTpressIt 2.0! Working out some final revisions!  We are removing CREDITS!
UPDATE: May 5th: Risk Calculator App set to be released on May 22nd!

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Never miss greeting your loved ones on those special occasions - don't just express it...TexTpressIt!

TexTpressIt App Support:

App Functions:

The first of its kind - user-defined scheduling and fully automated multi-media messaging via e-mail or text messaging.

Create an event by selecting the recipient(s), occasion, mode of delivery (SMS or e-mail), date, time, occurrence, recipient city and a personalized message that will be automatically delivered on scheduled date, time and frequency.

You can add different types of multi-media attachments to your message. Voice recorded data, video data and pictures. Only one media attachment may be sent per message. If multi-media attachment is added, the message is limited by sending frequency of a one-time occurrence.

Quick add method now added for the ease of setting up multiple events quickly. On the events main screen, select the event you would like to make a copy of by holding your finger on the event until the prompt appears to duplicate the event. Once copied, you can easily go into the event and modify the changes to your new "copied" event without having to fill out the whole form from scratch.

Select the message delivery mode "SMS" for sending automatic personalized messages to any one in your contact list with a valid U.S. mobile phone number on special occasions directly to their cellular or smart phone device. All SMS text messages are now unlimited and FREE!

Send unlimited automatic free personalized messages to either one recipient or a group of recipients by multi-media email and multi-media text messaging methods.

Recipient city field lists only major U.S. and world-wide cities; select the city nearest to the recipient's location.

Recipient city selection allows the message to be sent at the time zone of the recipient.

History records are created and stored in the History Tab to show the result of all scheduled events. History can store up to a maximum of 100 records and will automatically purge the oldest record to not exceed the maximum.


General Information:

An internet connection is required in order to set up and synchronize changes made to any events.

This app will work on Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTouch devices.

Text messaging services are NOT required in order to send messages.

Send messages from anywhere in the world! When using SMS mode (text messaging), recipients must have a valid U.S. mobile telephone number in order to receive an SMS/MMS message.

Recipients are NOT required to install any additional application in order to receive messages from this app.

You can synchronize your data between multiple Apple devices by using your login information that you registered with.

When Calendar Sync is "on", your scheduled event will be automatically added to your calendar/iCal. Any changes or modifications to that event will be automatically updated on your calendar as well.

Once an event is scheduled, there is NO requirement for your phone to be left on, app to be running, or connection to the Internet. Your message will be sent. Worry free!

If both the recipient and sender own an Apple device, SMS mode can seamlessly integrate with iMessage messaging after a conversation is initiated by the recipient upon receipt of an SMS mode text message. Please see our FAQ on our support page to learn how to set up iMessage with our App.

DON'T PANIC! Scheduled messages are typically sent on average within 3 minutes of the scheduled event time. If you experience issues, please double-check the recipient's time zone (Recipient City) selection and ensure their time in which you are sending has not already passed.

You can update your registration information any time, located on the Profile tab.

To delete an event, you can use the native finger swipe "left to right" and the "delete" button will appear. This will also work on the history records.

When saving an event that has an attachment, please be patient in allowing the file to be uploaded. This action can sometimes take up to a minute depending on the size of the media attachment. If this "saving" action is interrupted, the attachment will not be sent or become corrupted.

There are carrier restrictions and limitations when sending multi-media messages by text/SMS mode. Due to these limitations, it is not practical to send large video and audio files as they will likely be removed by the mobile carrier's MMS server. We would recommend sending larger files via email mode.



Green Icon - References that the event has been successfully scheduled and is "active".

Gray Icon - References that the event is in-active and/or the scheduled event is in the past. You must either edit the event and change the frequency of event or delete the event.

Group Icon - References that the event created has more than one recipient. An event that has more than one recipient (group) can only be sent by e-mail delivery mode.



This service allows users to send email messages to cellular phones. Text messaging rates of the intended recipient may apply. TexTpressIt, LLC may (at it's discretion) establish general limits concerning the number of or frequency of messages sent. This service is not intended for time critical, life-saving, investing, or other "important" messages and TexTpressIt, LLC shall not be responsible or liable for any decisions, actions, or events based on email and/or text messages, or the failure of delivery of any email and/or text messages.

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Updated: Jan 26, 2012

Risk Calculator App Support:

Perfect for last minute presentations and risk visualization! A great Project Management Tool! Make a great impression as a Project, Program or Risk Manager!


Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch!

How to use the risk calculator app:

Name your risk!

Select the risk severity (also known as impact)

Insignificant being the least or minimal impact, while Catastrophic is the highest impact or most severe

Select the risk likelihood (also known as probability of occurrence)

Remote is the least likely to happen, while Highly Probable is the highest likelihood that the risk will occur

Click “Calculate” – Your risk score has now been calculated

Click “Chart” – You score is now plotted automatically! It’s that easy!

Upon review of your chart, you can select to save the chart in your history or send it to any recipients via: email.


General Information:

History will store up to 10 of your most recent risk charts however, you must “SAVE” the chart for it to remain in your history.

All charts are automatically saved to your phone’s picture storage area and can be browsed to, even if you didn’t save it!

Risk calculations are based on best practices and industry standards according to leading project management methodologies.

This app is using some generic terms to help facilitate risk visualization. The applied usage is to provide quick risk charts that will help compliment a risk analysis. Risk nomenclature has multiple definitions and the most generic, commonly used terms were used for this Risk Calculator app.


Green typically means the risk is categorized as “Low”

Yellow typically means the risk is categorized as “Medium”

Red typically means the risk is categorized as “High”

 Risk Calculaotr for Iphone


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Updated: May 31st 2012

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